Travel by step
  1. The EST-ETHIQUE® quote request form
    It must be filled in carefully and added photos of the areas to be operated according to the protocol of the form.
    It allows you to provide you in less than 48 hours :

    • If you are operable or not
    • The type of anesthesia, the technique of operation according to your antecedents, treatments and your particular requests.
    • The duration of the medical trip including the operation and the follow-up post-operative
    • Medical examinations BEFORE the trip.
    • Your detailed EST-ETHIQUE® offer.
    • The overall cost of the trip.
  2. Surgeon’s agreement
    • The medical examinations are transmitted to the surgeon, he therefore decides to operate, to have additional examinations or not to operate.
    • If he decides to give you a week’s reflection, we are available 7 days a week to answer all your questions.
    • Reservation of airline tickets
  3. Arrival at Belgrade airport
    • Pick-up at the airport by our partner driver
    • Airport / clinic transfer if your medical care is scheduled the next day or Airport / hotel transfer if your medical care is planned after a few days of sightseeing in Belgrad
    • In any case you will sleep one night in the clinic the day before your interventions *
    • After your operations, you will sleep one more night in post-operative surveillance at the clinic *
    • The next day, return (or arrival) within your star hotel
  4. Your convalescence
    • Post-operative monitoring / dressing changes etc within your hotel by our partner nurses.
    • Visit your surgeon
    • Possibility to subscribe to the EST-ETHIQUE® VIP package
  5. Post-operative follow-up
    • Frequent follow-up by your surgeon by phone, email, skype